Design, branding, web development, investment decks,

back end tech stacks? You name it — Banger will get done.

Product Design

App Design
Web Design
SaaS Design
B2B Dashboard Design
E-commerce Systems Design

With a track record of successfully launching multiple products in the SaaS and B2B sectors, Banger possesses the tools not only to create visually appealing products but also to develop products deeply rooted in functionality and strategic purpose.


Brand Book Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Communication
Logo Design
Creative Brand Overhauls

Banger initiated his career in brand, typography, and logo design. Over years of experience, working with diverse brands, Banger has honed the art of brand design, ensuring a visually compelling representation of your brand's identity and essence

Investment/ Strategy

Investor Decks
Seed Round Strategy Decks
Business Launch Strategy
Investment Micro-sites

Having raised over $50 million in funding for Banger's previous venture, Banger has gained extensive experience in crafting investment decks and enhancing investment communication. The synergy of creative excellence and sound investment strategy paves the way to realizing your investment objectives.


Web Development
Back-end Tech Development
System Protocol Development

In today's landscape, creativity alone falls short. Banger excels in the transformation of completed creative concepts into fully functional websites and products.