Bringing Matcha to the people since 2014, MatchaBar is dedicated to offering the world the BEST ceremonial grade matcha available on the market.

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Do The Hustle

Matchabar's Hustle made serious cultural raves at it's launch. Music phenom Diplo and superstar Billie Eilish partnered with MatchaBar to help launch an expansion of the first-ever plant-based matcha energy drink: Hustle. The Hustle rebranding focused on embracing your hustle each and every day. “My Hustle is just continuing to make music as long as I can. I don’t ever want people to be bored. Working on country music, my collaborative projects Major Lazer, LSD, and Silk City, and all the production work in 2019, I’m just gearing up for the new decade. That’s my Hustle, and that’s what makes me happy — the two are one in the same,” Diplo explains.

“This Sh*t Takes Like Heaven”

Billie Eilish - International Superstar