As a Creative Director for Häagen-Dazs, I spearheaded a national campaign titled the ‘äah Moment,' orchestrated a highly effective out-of-home campaign, executed a successful rebrand, and launched an innovative website for the brand.

Consumer Goods
Creative Director
Art Direction
Web Design
äah Moment Out of Home Ads

The Pint Curl

Häagen-Dazs sought a distinctive approach to capture its ice cream, ensuring it was unmistakably their own.

We collaborated with Gentl and Hyers to photograph a pint curl for every single flavor.

äah-Moment TV Spot

People work meticulously to sculpt the word "Äah" using strawberries, honey and coffee beans as Häagen-Dazs  famously uses the best and few ingredients to make their ice cream.

This TV campaign was launched in an attempt to communicate how important quality ingredients are to the brand while also calling out it's competitors use of unnatural ingredients.

The Website

Häagen-Dazs was in search of a modern website to showcase its new image and prepare for the upcoming 'äah Moment' out-of-home campaign.

We built the entire site from scratch while including sections that went into the history of the brand and Häagen-Dazs devotion to quality ice cream using the best ingredients.