B.Miles is a pop-electronic band based in New York. They have recently released their latest album, 'Different Pages.' My assignment as Creative Director was to breathe visual life into their music.

Creative Direction
Web Design

The Singles

B.Miles had a long rollout plan, slowly releasing a single every month for 3 months. I had to come up with a theme to connect multiple singles together that would eventually lead to the final album cover.

One Trick Pony

We commenced the journey with the inaugural single, 'One Trick Pony.' Drawing inspiration from the song's lyrics, tone, and overall vibe, we assembled the initial framework, fully aware of the inevitable iterations that lay ahead. Our primary objective was to establish the template that would define the visual direction for future single artwork.

The Year I Felt Cool

The concept for our second single drew 'cool' inspiration from a sketch of James Dean and incorporated subtle elements reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem's visual aesthetics. This phase marked the shift towards exploring tactile textures, moving beyond paper, and laying the groundwork for the eventual completion of the album cover.

Wide Eyed

The concluding single, 'Wide Eyed,' provided the ultimate glimpse into Brenna's creative vision. The deliberate addition of a torn book and coffee stain was meant to vividly convey the notion that Brenna crafted these single covers right at her desk, embodying a sense of personal connection and authenticity.

Different Pages
The album cover

For the title track, "Different Pages," I crafted a custom desk—a tangible portal into Brenna's mind, using the materials used in the previously released singles. This desk became a centerpiece, granting listeners an intimate glimpse into Brenna's personal life. Artifacts from her personal scrapbooks merged with illustrations, forming an immersive mosaic that spoke volumes about the depth of her vision.