The extensive archive of audio/visual projects that uncover the inner workings and the never-ending pursuit of creative exploration.

Ranger David

Ranger David is an audio/video experiental project revolving around technology and the way we use it. Equal parts abrasive and tender, Ranger David finds peace in polarity. The faceless New York-based artist leans into harsh industrial sounds, throwing “genre” to the wind.

This  collection of experiential pieces channels found industrial and natural sounds to craft an entire world built on an abstract timeline.

These live performance pieces we're displayed in galleries and industrial spaces across America, using projection mapping and interactive elements such as laser pointers in warehouses filled with smoke machines.

Just Julian

Just Julian channels a quarter-century of heartbreak into a set of sprawling psychedelic ballads.

After years of recording and performing under countless aliases, Julian has assumed his most challenging persona to date: himself. With radical honesty, he tackles subjects of death, alienation, and anxiety with his ethereal take on the singer-songwriter tradition.

Taking cues from Nick Cave, Lou Reed, and Spiritualized, Just Julian lays himself bare with songs that play like an audio diary meant for no one—the most affecting work of his career.


ZURI emerged from a collective frustration that gripped everyone during the pandemic. With the closure of the entertainment world and the cessation of touring, ZURI became an instinctive outlet for channeling pent-up anger and energy.

Check It Again (Official Video)
Director: Chase Hodsdon
VFX: Evan Morris
Camera: Keith Butler
Editing: Keith Butler & Chase Hodsdon


Self-described “Country Punk” party band CREWS never emphasized recorded music. Their ultimate goal was to create an immersive live experience, bringing some of the roots and history of punk rock back to Manhattan – but that doesn’t mean they weren’t recording.

Their debut single “CREWS Anthem” is just as the name describes: an anthem to showcase their style to an audience larger than the boroughs of NYC. Even the name CREWS acts a representation of what the band wants to convey through music, a play on words, as in bring your crew and join the crews. It’s an all-inclusive punk extravaganza, so to speak.

While the 21st century seems to be taut with recorded music, online streaming, and instantly accessible tracks, CREWS takes music back to some of its fundamental roots through their ultimate focus on live entertainment. They largely throw their own shows around New York and rely heavily on friends to DJ and help out at their shows.